Sunday, May 31, 2009

Junking Finds, May 18-24, 2009: Part 1

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Thrifted & Flea Market Finds

After a few stops at my favorite thrift and flea market locations, I was a happy junker! I love these beachy frames and this brown toile fabric...

The legs on this child's table are divine! Those two picnic benches will get a fresh makeover!...

Who doesn't need a prize jar? These iridescent beads and marbles catch the sunlight beautifully!...

Auction Finds

Here are some miscellaneous finds that came with a box of other pieces I won...

These vintage wooden slat calendars were also a surprise in that box. The three on the left are from the late 1950s. The one on the far right is from 1978. The colors are so vivid!...

Here is what I was actually bidding on...this collection of vintage alarm clocks with just the right amount of rustic patina!...

I picked up these two boxes of vintage beer cans for my Grandpa. I don't know anything about them, but he will probably know their value. Maybe there's a really rare expensive one for him in here! :)

Check out the vintage wire pieces, buggy seat, battery jar, metal horse head, and...

(Drum roll, please!) these great chippy red letters! There's even a fun story with them! As they were auctioning them off, they held up one of the letters. "They spell out Merry Christmas," said auctioneer. The audience quieted for a moment and then laughter was heard all around. The letter being held up was a "D." It didn't matter to me what it was supposed to spell, I just fell in love with the "D" and knew I would be a fan of them all!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Junking Finds, May 11-17, 2009

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Well, if you haven't noticed, I have been stockpiling find after find in anticipation for the Vintage Treasure Market, June 19-20, in St. Charles, MN. Read here and here to learn more about it. I hope you can make it! Here are some more additions to the junk collection...

Here are some fun finds from a Monday night auction...

A quick stop at Goodwill on my way home from work yielded this adorable jar...

Garage Sale
Finding this at a garage sale is a junker's dream! The enamelware top is in stellar condition!

The Thursday night auction had some fun stuff as well...

These stunning pieces are vintage lipstick holders! I had to ask as I had never seen them before. I fell in love with them though!...

Garage Sale
A couple quick garage sale finds...

Flea Market
Here are some great pieces from one of my favorite sources...

Garage Sale
One the way home with the stash above, I found these pieces at a garage sale...

At my third auction for the week, I enjoyed the sunny Sunday afternoon. I came away with these great finds...

See that "suit butler" in the last photo?
What color do you think it should be?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Junking Finds, May 4-10, 2009

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Well, May was a super-busy month for me. This week was especially busy for me at my full-time job. I didn't have time for garage sales, but I managed to fit in a couple stops at some thrift stores and other locations in between my other responsibilities and errands. It sure helped to reduce my stress! Here is what I found...

I know there are some pink fanatics out there! I was thinking of painting these plaster wall hangings white. What do you think? As for the Hull planter, you can't go wrong with that!

The colors on this painting are so rich! It reminds me of my travels in The Black Forest of Germany. When you come down the winding roads surrounded by the greenest of greens, each little burg has a steeple that tells you it's there way before you would otherwise know. The white against the green was so bright.

Old Town Antiques, Duluth, MN
I went in to check on the Junkologie booth and picked up a few inexpensive pieces from some of my fellow vendors. All have been put to use at WhisperWood Cottage.

Auction House
I stopped by the auction house after work for a couple hours. I was too tired to stay long, but I did get this great stone vase, footed Hull planter with strawberry motif, ribbed glass cookie jar, and a set of large mahogany dominoes.

Time out for a visitor!
Renee@Cottage Lifestyle (she is also the Minneapolis Thrift Shopping Examiner) came for a visit with her friend, Kate. I met them at the store to give them a tour and to meet Renee in person. Here they are with their finds...

Estate Sale
A quick stop at one estate sale yielded a couple beautiful pieces. This tole centerpiece with glass bowl and the two coordinating candlestick holders are amazing. Look at the color! Love those strawberries and flowers!!

That estate sale also had this great glass flower holder. Fill the glass vials with water, insert the stem of a flower, enjoy!

Misc. Sales
I picked these items up at a couple garage sales and a place that calls itself a flea market. I wouldn't really categorize it as that, but who am I to argue? It's one of those unknown sources that I plant to keep a secret? Why? Check out what I got!

The bingo cards, dice, shopping cart, burlap bags, and candy jar are all from garage sales. The other pieces are from the flea market.

These aluminum dogs are fence toppers. I bought all that they had. Aren't they adorable? They are tucked in a dairy container from a Minnesota dairy. All those hooks? I have plans for those.

This is a close-up of one of the two red posts above. They are heavy! Solid iron. What are they? My guess is either part of a fence/gate or some kind of hitching post. It doesn't really matter to me, because I think they are gorgeous!

  1. Do I paint those pink wall pieces?
  2. What are those red posts?
  3. What item would you most like to own? Or which item do you already own?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Junking Finds, April 27-May 3, 2009

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This was a week full of junking bounty! Let's get started...

Some gorgeous silverplate items...a server and a set of 12 plates. Easy elegance from Goodwill!

Who doesn't love Raggedy Ann & Andy? And check out the lunch box, Tom & Jerry beverage set, pair of silverplate leaves, butter dish with glass insert, and that round white metal base. Another great find was the set of french castle postcards. Aren't they charming?

Pike Lake Area Garage Sales...Day 1

The set of copper garden insects is so cute! Along with the blue magazine rack, the picnic basket, and the vintage pant hanger, I was a happy shopper!

Love these trash cans! That box is full of a metal train set. I have yet to check out the type and what is all in there, but it is cool! The item with the red handle is a potato planter. I know, right? I also picked up a couple stools (can never have too many of those!), a huge metal tool box, and an iron burner stand.

Superior Antique & Art Depot
This was purchased for a display piece in my booth. It will be perfect for all the vintage signs I have for sale.

Garage Sales

On the way home from the Superior Art & Antique Depot, I saw a sign for a garage sale. Like a moth to a flame, I had to follow! At first, I didn't think it would have anything I wanted. I spotted these blocks and the flash cards after a bit of a search. As I was walking away, I almost walked by this bin full of sea shells. Score!

Down the highway, another sign caught my eye. Down a gravel road I went. A bingo game and a brass lighted frame later, I was on my way home.

Pike Lake Garage Sales...Day 2

RJNJ (my handsome hubby!) went with me this day. Here was our first find...a black metal glider. I have to tell you...this was a roadside find! I was on cloud nine! What a way to start the day!







Misc. Finds
On the way into the store to restock the booth, I followed another garage sale sign. I found these light fixtures for a bargain. They will be receiving a transformation! At the store, one of my fellow vendors was selling this little trolley, so I put it to use in the garage to move one of my heavier pieces around!


Oh, my gosh! This post is never-ending! This week was full of junk hunting...and finding! These items were won at the big Island Lake Auction that one of the auction houses has every year. There was one great thing after the other. Check out the photos...

I hope you enjoyed the junking finds! Check out the current booth set-up by viewing the slide show in the right hand column!