Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reason #7: Junker Hugs

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Get a hug.
You think I'm kidding? No way!!Junkers are huggers by nature! Seriously! They are kind, generous, and friendly. So get ready for the hug-fest!
If you are not a hugger, DON'T worry! Hugging is not mandatory. A handshake, wave, or nod will do!! :)
**Be sure to RSVP on the Facebook event page!



Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tada! New Junkologie Website!!

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did it! I finally got over my fear and designed the foundation for an official website. I've had the domain name for almost a year already. About time I get on the ball! It's nothing fancy at this point, but I think it's coming along. It will continue to develop as time and creativity allow. Please go check it out, then come back and tell me what you think! Kind and helpful feedback is appreciated!! :) Here's the official URL...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Junking Finds, June 29-July 5, 2009...I've Got Your Ticket!

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've got your ticket! To the junk show that is! Right here! And it's free for you today!!! Are you loving these tickets? Can you imagine getting a theatre ticket for 20 cents or 55 cents today? Neither can I! Does anyone remember a day when you could? Tell us all about it!
Well, as usual the junkin' was aplenty this week. As June transitioned into July (can you believe how fast the summer is flying by?), the junk train just keeps on chugging!
This adorable rocker has one of those little music boxes on the bottom. When it rocks, it plays music! When it stops, the music stops! So cute. The racing chair is for a friend of hubby's.

These stamps and postcards have tons of charm!

The vintage postcards below are scenes of Duluth. How did nobody else at the auction want these? I don't think they looked too closely at the stack of ephemera. The vintage colors are scrumptious!!

See the bench below? I've done a quick and easy home project with it. There will be an upcoming post on WhisperWood Cottage. Keep an eye out for it!

The sign stands will be put to good use at Oronoco.

Isn't this metal box fabulous!? I know! The colors and pattern are awesome! These writing chalkboards will make for perfect place mats at Oronoco. You really need to attend the show and/or the Junkologie blog party! I'm cooking up some hot displays!!

"A" for effort and for result on the junking finds!...

Are you loving these shopping baskets as much as I am?...

The small turquoise Texas•Ware plates are so fun!! They got me started on a turquoise kick!

Did you see the long enamelware tray underneath all these treasures? Again, I am so in junk heaven!

So, did I have your ticket?
Did you enjoy today's junk show?
We'll see you again soon...
same bat time, same bat channel!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Junking Finds, June 22-28, 2009...Let's Get Creative!

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kay, it's no secret that junkers are fabulously creative. Think about it. You create projects that are both beautiful and functional. And you do it on a budget! Amazing!!

Let's get creative!! Yes, right now! Your mission as you view the junk finds in this post is to decide which item most inspires something in you. Leave a comment to tell us which item and what you would do with it. It's completely open-ended, so let the ideas fly!

So, let's here it! What item inspires you? What about it is so inspiring? What would you do with it?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Save the Date for Junkologie Blog Party 2009!

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That's right! I'm hosting a party and you don't want to miss it! Yes...a face-to-face, gonna-hug-all-my-favorite-bloggers, never-seen-so-much-cool-junk kind of party! More details will be revealed over the next few weeks on the Junkologie blog! Here are some to get you started...
Will you be there? Mark your calendars! Book your train, plane, or automobile! And plan on being there for the coolest and junkiest celebration of blog friends this year!

Will you do me a favor? Pass the word along! Post the image above on your blog. Here is a 150x150 bloggy button you can keep on your sidebar as well! Please link it to http://junkologie.blogspot.com/! Or you can simply copy the code from shown in the sidebar at the right.

Here's the map that shows where the Junkologie "hub of fun" will be located!

Never been to Oronoco Gold Rush Days? It's your time! RSVP on the Junkologie Facebook Event page and/or by leaving a comment below!

Lots more information to come! Stay tuned!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Junking Finds, June 15-21, 2009

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June 15-21 was primarily spent prepping for the Vintage Treasures Market. I decided to pick up these two fabulous white planter boxes at Old Town Antiques. They've been there for three years...tucked back in a corner underneath stacks of other finds. As the great Patrick Swayze said, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"
My other great find was actually found at the Vintage Treasures Market. Here it was being used as the stylish and utilitarian food stand.

I also had a couple other treasures...a great divided glass tray and a metal basket. Those got packed away in the take-down aftermath and will not be unearthed until the Oronoco show in August. I've found lots more treasures over the past several weeks. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Top 5 Unclaimed Treasures at the Duluth Flea Market

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The Duluth Flea Market was a blast today! The weather was beautiful and shoppers came through steadily all day long. We did well and had a great time meeting new people and visiting with good friends. Here are Sarah, Sue, Phil, and my Dad...

I caught this dragonfly with the camera while he was perched atop another vendor's lamp base...

In this business, there are always a few things that don't surprisingly don't sell. Great piece, great price, but not the right owner yet. These pieces were waiting to go home with you!

Here are my picks for the...


Reclaimed Barn Lumber Mirrors

1950s Striped Drinkware Set

Pastel DallasWare Dishes

Two Fabulous Wood Cabinets (Phil's booth)

Vintage Revenoc Stove (Sarah's booth)

The good news is that the first three items are mine and they will be traveling to Oronoco Gold Rush Days in August! We will be spending the next month gearing up for this big 3-day show! It is one that is not to be missed! I went to it last year as a shopper for the first time. I had such a blast!

You can read about my Gold Rush Days journey at the posts below. Keep in mind that these were some of my very first blog posts ever!

  1. Cannon Falls, MN
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  3. Oronoco Flow
  4. New Dental Sink Plant Stand & Toilet Paper Holder