Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yummy Junk Potluck at Junkologie Blog Party 2009

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ow do you like my centerpiece for the Junkologie Blog Party Junk Potluck? It's easy to re-create...a silver platter, lots of bones picked up at an auction, and some fun letters. It might not be your cup of tea, but it sure garnered some attention from shoppers and some good-natured ribbing (Ha! Get it?) from blog party attendees! Above it, I hung a brass light fixture piece and added a touch of floral. Let they party begin!

Here are the girls getting things set up...

And here is the gang chowing down!!

In the next post...
  • photos of all the Junk Potluck entries
  • winner of the first-ever Junk Potluck prize
  • winner of the Online Junk Potluck competition
All the entries were fabulous!! Can't wait to share them all with you!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Junkarazzi at Junkologie Blog Party 2009

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The junkarazzi were out in droves at Junkologie Blog Party 2009! Seriously, there were so many cameras out at the blog party that it felt like a red carpet event. Between photos with "Junko," photos with Sue's new gas station treasure, and photos in general, it was a blur of flashes and clicks!!


Meet Junko...the handsome man wearing the iJunk t-shirt! He's not much for long walks by the beach, but he loves fireside chats and Minnetonka toaster sandwiches!

carol with junko

junk fans get a photo with junko


The junkers had tons of fun with this gas station pump front that Sue picked up from one of the Oronoco vendors. She has a fabulous project planned for it!! Stay tuned at to see the unveiling!!

lauren@two scoops (yes, she has her own blog!!)

kathy & sue

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tomboy Tools a Pink Hit at Junkologie Blog Party 2009

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cheryl, sue, & kathy are in their Charlie's Angels-inspired Tomboy Tools pose

Tomboy Tools.

You can tell above that the JunkMarket girls aren't afraid of using tools! But pink isn't just for girls anymore. Yes, that's my father-in-law (below) hamming it up with his pink hat and toolbelt. He's shy. Can you tell? LOL!! Cheryl drew a crowd with her fabulous array of fun Tomboy Tools items. From hammers, to saws, to gardening tools, there were tons of fabulous things that every junker must have in her arsenal. Interested in getting the perfect holiday gifts for you or the junker in your life? Click here to browse their online catalog or to contact Cheryl, who can help you find the perfect Tomboy Tools! (p.s. I think there is FREE shipping if you order this month!)

ron & cheryl

cheryl giving instructions...isn't that the cutest tool box/step stool?

cheryl keeping kathy from giving away all her junking secrets

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sue Whitney at Junkologie Blog Party 2009

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debbie, amy, & sue
JunkMarket Guru Sue Whitney
was a highlight of the Junkologie Blog Party 2009. Sue, owner of JunkMarket and author of multiple junking books (most recently Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition), is always the star of the show no matter where she goes. People came on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to meet her in person. We were lucky to have her for two hours during the blog party. She signed books, gave hugs, and chatted it up with her junking fans. She also posed for plenty of photos!! Here is what I caught with my camera...
sue signing books

pretty, pretty pink lip gloss...I know you love this one, Sue!

the junkmarket contributors

Think that's all? Guess again!! Lots more Junkologie Blog Party 2009 photos to come!! The winners from the Junk Potluck (including the online winner) will be announced in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!!

In the meantime, here are some more party photos to check out...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oronoco Gold Rush Days 2009

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t has been whirlwind week of junking excitement! Oronoco Gold Rush Days was a hot (literally and figuratively!) success. If you missed it this year, get the 2nd Annual Junkologie Blog Party on your calendar for 2010!!
Let's start by saying that we (Ron and I) had a lot (that's L-O-T) of junk. Seriously. We had so much junk that I barely had time to take photos. And you know how much I love to be working the camera!! We were busy setting up, arranging, selling, etc. We pulled new stuff out of the trailer all weekend long.
Here are some shots of the booth...

Now, stay tuned for the Junkologie Blog Party 2009 photos! They are a riot!!

There are several other bloggers who will be sharing their photos! I'll start providing the links as they are posted!!

We also got a couple mentions from the Rochester Post-Bulletin! Too cool!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reason #1: Meet Fellow Bloggers!

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Meet Fellow Bloggers!!
This is the real reason to attend Junkologie Blog Party 2009! Find us at the intersection of Minnesota Avenue and Center St. West in downtown Oronoco, MN. So easy to find!! If you can't make it on Saturday during the blog party, stop by any time to say hi!
I can't tell you how much fun it is to put a face and voice to a blog name!! Even today, my blogging friend, Sarah@A Beach Cottage, posted a video of her porch. She narrated the whole thing and I was able to hear her voice for the first time. She has a divine Australian accent!! It was like meeting her in person!
The only thing better than that is meeting face to face! Last spring, I was able to meet many of my favorite Texas bloggers at Theresa's (Garden Antqs Vintage) blog party at Zapp Hall. There were lots of those junker hugs I warned you about!!
So, come on down and join in the social hour! Bring a dish to pass for the Junk Potluck, register to win great prizes, visit with some great junking minds, learn to use tools, and hug away!! Don't forget to find some great junk to take home! (Like, I have to remind you!)
Here are some great people you are likely to meet...

The gals from Kountry Junkers

Pfarkel entourage "junkers-in-training"


Monday, August 10, 2009

Reason #2: Great Junk!

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Great Junk!
Need I say more? Hundreds of vendors will transform the small town of Oronoco into the hottest junk spot in the country! I went there last year for the first time as a shopper! Whoa, Nellie! So much great stuff! And at great prices! In fact, it was one of my very first posts over on the WhisperWood Cottage blog (celebrating one year there on Wednesday!!).
We have been busy loading a 24-foot car hauler from floor to ceiling with the most amazing pieces! We have a 15x60-foot space reserved for all the Junkologie goods. I hope it all fits!!
We are putting out all the best stuff! Find the department (yes, department!) that suits you best! We will have...
  • GARDEN OASIS (iron garden decor, chippy paint, amazing iron & aluminum sink)
  • KITSCH IN THE KITCHEN (enamelware tables, sets of 4 white chairs, silver & silverplate, a vintage deli scale, kitchen scales, dishes, Cosco stools)
  • LABOR DAY PICNIC (the most amazing picnic table you've ever seen, nautical items, Texasware & Tupperware, American flags)
  • BACK TO SCHOOL INDUSTRIAL DEN (Underwood typewriter, lockers, frames of all sizes, vintage flashcards, office stamps, stamp holders, set of 4 oak chairs)
  • THE JUNKYARD (salvaged barnwood mirrors, fabulous vintage signs of all kinds, salvaged Duluth street signs, small and large sign letters, vintage tools, all kinds of rusty metal parts & pieces)
  • MORE, MORE, MORE! (industrial shelving, salvaged architectural materials, lots of smalls & unique items, books, wooden folding chairs, lights & lamps, all kinds of furniture, and much more!)
If you are like me, you LOVE a good deal! Think the Oronoco show doesn't fit in your budget? Think again! Junkologie will have an absolutely HUGE $5.00 and under section!! Get your thrift on at the flea market!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Reason #3: Chill with the JunkMarket Crew

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Chill with Sue & the JunkMarket Contributors
That's right! Meet Sue Whitney, owner of JunkMarket and author of multiple publications all about junking!! Her most recent publication, Junk Beautiful: Outdoor Edition, made its debut this spring. If you are a gardener, camper, poolside sunbather, outdoor entertainer, etc., you will love the projects in this book!! She will be at the Junkologie Blog Party signing books and offering up her junking wisdom. View a sample of what you can learn from this video of Sue on the Today Show not too long ago...
Last fall, the website went live. Sue created it as a free source of incredible junking creativity! Members actually post photos of their projects so that others can be inspired to do their own versions. Night and day, there are always new posts going up!! Several JunkMarket contributors will be making the trek from around Minnesota and even from Ohio! They include:
I can't wait to see what these girls put together for the Junk Potluck!! I hope other current and future JunkMarket members will be attending!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reason #4: Win Great Prizes!

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Win Stuff from Junkologie, JunkMarket, & Tomboy Tools!!
Some lucky junkers will be sporting the newest hot gear from Junkologie this fall! I also see a lucky winner walking away with a fabulous gift certificate that can be applied toward any item(s) in the Junkologie booth.
Sue Whitney will be offering up some of her fabulous JunkMarket publications!! Must-haves for any junker!!

Tomboy Tools
Cheryl is putting together some fun giveaway goodies from Tomboy Tools. A junker needs to have tools! If you don't know how to use them, Cheryl will show you how!!

Do YOU want to win something from home!?
Submit an idea for the Online Junk Potluck contest!! One lucky winner will be awarded a fabulous junker's prize pack!