Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mallo Cup Cardboard Coin Name Tags for Your Junk Event

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In continuing our short series of creative event ideas, here's another one that was added to the junkalicious welcome table at Junkologie Blog Party 2010 in August...


The name tags were a quick and clever solution provided by the Pfarkels Sisters of Junk {re}defined. They used vintage cardboard "coins" that used to be inserted in packages of Mallo Cups. (Apparently, if you saved 500 of these babies, you could send them in for free candy bars. Can you imagine eating 500 of them though?) You can see Sophie the Mini Junker proudly wearing hers above. 

To prepare them for your guests, use a ribbon to attach the card to a safety pin. Place the cards and thick markers on the welcome table. After writing their names, guests simply pin them to their clothing!

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trash talk said...

Did they still smell like chocolate? Can you imagine eating 500 Mallos to be able to send off for more? What were our parents thinking?