Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Junkologie "What is it?" Giveaway

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Are you junk savvy? Do you know what this item is?

Then simply answer this question...

"What is it?"

Take a guess and you could win...

a Junkologie t-shirt or cap.

For one entry, use the linky below. Here's how...
  1. Click "click here to enter."
  2. For idea entry: Tell us what you think the item in the top photo is.
  3. For link: Enter your blog URL (example:
  4. For email address: Enter your email address (visible to me only).
Open through noon on July 7, 2010. One winner only. While I do hope you get the answer right, it is not necessary. Everyone has a chance to win in this contest! A random winner will be drawn from all entries who use the linky below. One entry per person.

Want more chances to win?

BONUS ENTRY #1: If you are a follower, subscriber, and/or Facebook fan, leave a comment below telling me. (You can follow, subscribe, or become a fan by using the tools in the sidebar.)

BONUS ENTRY #2: Blog about this giveaway and leave me a comment with the link to your post.

Thanks for playing!

Win a Junk Bonanza Early Bird Ticket!

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Old Crown Farm Antiques is having a giveaway for a...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Junking Friends Are Great Friends!

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Krista, Dana, Amy, Lani

This weekend, Lani of Cottage Elements and her daughter, Rebekah, came to visit. I swear I always have the best time with Lani! And Bekah, too. They always make me smile!!

What was on the agenda? Junking, of course! We started with a stop at the Snowman Hill sale run by Krista and Dana. If you have not met these two ladies, you should! They are as sweet as apple pie!

After that, we stopped in at Serendipity and Old Town Antiques to see what we could find. Then we headed to Canal Park for lunch at Grandma's Restaurant and treats at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Here are Bekah and Lani playing in the fountain down in Canal Park.

After lunch, we went to Father Time Antiques, Goodwill, an indoor flea market, and Superior Antique & Art Depot. Did we find anything? Of course we did! That will have to wait until another post though. 

In the evening, we headed to a lakeside restaurant for the standard Friday night fish fry. Then we headed home to kick back and relax. The next morning, we went for breakfast and visited some more. All too soon, it time for them to go. I wish they could have stayed longer. The time does fly when you are having fun with fun people!!

So, do you have a junking buddy like Lani 
with whom you always enjoy spending time? 
Do tell!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

iJunk Spotlight: Margo's Junkin Journal

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I first met Margo@Margo's Junkin Journal when she traveled with the Red Shed Girls to Minnesota for Junk Bonanza in 2008. We were instant junk sisters. Here we are at Junk Bonanza in 2009 when I surprised her with a Junkologie iJunk t-shirt. Margo is a creative, fun, and no-nonsense junker who was featured in the 2010 Flea Market Style Magazine, and who is the blog administrator and contributing editor for the 2011 edition. You'll love getting to know her...


Hello, My name is Margo and I'm a Junkaholic!!!

Well now that I've got your attention, let me explain. I do love to hunt and find stuff, a lot of stuff. But I realized a long time ago that regular shopping just wasn't for me. Where is the thrill of finding something that you know is already there?
A few years ago I vowed to try and go a year without buying anything new (except underwear). That is when I discovered that my real passion was creating and hunting for the unusual things that add character to my surroundings. During this attempt at green living, I fell in love with all things old.
Since pulling myself free of the retail trap, I am fulling enjoying the process of the hunt, the find, and the creation of something wonderful from something that was discarded by someone else, as useless.
As in this post about turning a burn basket into a side table...
I specialize in small items. I look for the unusual, the beautiful, the item that can have a use today, that may be very different from it's original purpose. Nothing is more fun that turning an old spring into a lamp...
or a funnel into a flower vase, a light fixture into a fruit bowl or a farm disk into a centerpiece for my dining room table...
My blog focuses mostly on my "adventures" as I travel and hunt for that most wonderful object that will make my heart skip a beat. The people I meet and, of course, the items I find. The foibles along the way, spider bites, ripped tendons and the like. It seems there is always a story to tell.
My favorite blog posts are usually those that show how I use junk in my own home. When my oldest son moved out I quickly claimed his room as my "junk experiment" space. I'm not sure that is what my husband would call it, but he tolerates my junk expressionism well.
As you can see, there is Junk everywhere in this space. The only new purchase was the bedding, everything else was re-purposed. We recently added the awning above the bed, and I absolutely love it.
I also love it when I can share ideas with other junkers, and I keep a web page that focuses exclusively on ideas and projects to do with junk. My goal with is to make it a clearing house of ideas. Not just my own, but also those sent in by fellow readers and junkers.
I most especially enjoy sharing my experiences and finds with other junkers and learning from others as well. It has been an added bonus that I've been able to meet some fun fellow junkers and have had some amazing opportunities come my way.
Last year I was able to take the Junk Queen herself, Ki Nassauer, on a tour of the First Monday Trades Days in Canton, Texas. The trip was a feature story in the Spring 2010 issue of Flea Market Style magazine. This year I've been recruited as the Blog Administrator and Contributing Editor for the next issue of the magazine due out in Spring 2011. This is something that I never in my life thought I'd have the opportunity to do and I'm enjoying the ride.
As with all junkers I can't keep it all for myself, so I have booth spaces at 2 East Texas Antique Malls, and I also participate in the Gresham Barn Sale, here locally, three times a year.


I'd like to thank Amy for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I hope you stop by my blog sometime to say "hello", and remember...
Keep on Junkin'!

Thank you, Margo, for taking time to share your passion with us! I look forward to seeing you at the not-to-be-missed Junk Bonanza event again this year!

Please visit Margo on her Margo's Junkin Journal blog, RoboJunker site, and the Flea Market Style Magazine blog. Tell her Amy sent you!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Junking Events this Weekend

Pin It Here are some upcoming events for this weekend. If you are near Duluth, MN, McKinney, TX, Round Top, TX, Grapevine, TX, or Marshville, NC, it is time to get your junk on!


Snowman Hill

Friday, June 25 - Sunday, June 27
Fri 9-5, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-1

Visit Krista & Dana at:
Snowman Hill, 4462 West Tischer Road, Duluth, MN 55803



Saturday, June 26
Sat 10-6

Visit Kaci & Luann at:
Patina Green Home and Market, 116 N. Tennessee, McKinney, Texas 75069



Saturday, June 26 - Sunday, June 27
Sat 10-5, Sun 10-4

Visit Theresa at:
Garden Antqs Vintage booth, The Original Round Top Antiques Fair, Big Red Barn, Round Top, TX


Saturday, June 26

Visit the Red Shed Girls at:
The Red Shed French Chic Antiques & Travel, 317 Church St, Grapevine, TX 76051


Friday, June 25 - Sunday, June 27
Fri 6-9, Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5

Visit Beth at:
Old Tyme Marketplace, 121 N White St, Marshville, NC 28103


This weekend is also the last chance to get
50% all Junkologie inventory.

At Old Town Antiques in Duluth, MN. Click here for more info.

Monday, June 21, 2010

AAJMS Spring 2010: Mother's Day Fashion Show

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We have finally come to the finale of the Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style (AAJMS) Spring 2010 posts. It only took me 1.5 months to get through all the photos!! Today, we view the stunning ladies who strutted the catwalk with style and grace for the first-ever AAJMS Mother's Day Fashion Show! A special thank you to Willy@Willy Willette Works (custom furniture design) for putting together a great soundtrack!!



On this special Mother's Day Sunday, there were two mother/daughter model teams:

Sue & Elizabeth

Lani & Rebekah



There were also 13 other lovely ladies who rocked the runway. Shayne Barsness of Style Minneapolis assisted in announcing them.







Each model brought her own personality to the runway. Such a fun event to show the latest in spring and summer styles. The perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

iJunk Spotlight: Four Corners Design

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What is your name, the name of your junking blogsite, and where are you located?
My name is Amy Duncan and I currently live in Everett, WA (30 miles north of Seattle). My blogsite is named four corners design, creative compositions of everyday ephemera. My website, which profiles my work, is four corners design.
How are you involved in junking?

In 1999, I started my company, four corners design, creating unique home and garden decor using recycled and repurposed materials (i.e. junk!) as its basis.  I began crafting handmade greeting cards that use vintage ephemera as the basis for graphic collages.  Over the years, I have expanded my focus to a wealth of home and garden decor - using stuff that others were throwing away and finding a new and better use for it.  I co-authored a book, The Salvage Studio, published in 2008, that describes 35 projects that you can make from items that generally get tossed.   Since 2009, I have concentrated on my original multi-media art collages that use vintage and recycled materials in creative combinations to tell a story.  My greeting card line, which are digital reproductions of these collages, is marketed nationwide.

What is your junking blog/website about?
Junking is about seeing the potential in something for which someone else had no use.  My blog is about sharing with others how I see that potential and letting others know that the spark of creativity that can be ignited in anyone.  That spark can be art, design, photography, nature, food, books, travel...and anything else that captures my imagination, interest, time or heart.  I give ideas and tips on how to reuse/recycle/reimagine/reclaim those remnants of the past and give them new life.  I share my fascination with things that are old, rusty and dilapidated; I love uncovering a new life in their hidden beauty, often arranged in thought-provoking vignettes.

What are your top three junk-related blog posts?
My top three posts are all projects that use the simplest of materials to create a great end result!  I like to demonstrate that its all about "potential" - looking at something not as it was, but rather for what it can be.

Garden Art Flowers
T-shirt  Embroidery Hoop Art

What one junk find or creation represents you best?
I have a massive collection of clocks - old clocks, working clocks, non-working clocks, clock faces, clock parts - any and all - you get the idea!  I love the graphic quality of the face, the numbers, the shapes.  I love that they are metal and usually rusty and worn.  I love the mechanical workings, the intricacy of the springs, gears, cogs and casings.  And then the whole concept of time- time past, time standing still, time yet to be...

Is there anything else you'd like to share about you or your junking blog/website?
I encourage others to share with me what creative projects they have tried - don't be shy about leaving a comment on my blog.  I teach workshops in the Seattle area and the best part of each workshop is seeing how each individual brings their own ideas to a project - so many times, I see a unique viewpoint expressed that I really appreciate - reinforces the concept for me that everyone is creative - they just need a little nudge!


Thank you to Amy at four corners design for agreeing to be spotlighted! Amy's work has been featured in several magazines. She is a creative inspiration to us all!! Be sure to pop over to her blog and say hello!

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