Sunday, April 29, 2012

Junkologie Adventures: The Marina in Buffalo, MN

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The handsome couple above are the owners of The Marina in Buffalo, MN. Everything about their store is eye-catching, breath-taking, and bordering on heart-stopping!

As I continued on my journey through Buffalo's April sales, I came upon their well-appointed store. Let me show you what I mean...

Are you captivated my these two large industrial planters like I am?

Seriously massive and seriously cool!

Add an iron bed with white linens to a rustic fence backdrop, and what do you have? The perfect mix.

This Litchfield Ice Cream Co. container...with casters!...would be great as a statement piece in a room.

How about this rolling industrial step stool? I'll take one, please!

Sheryl's stylings combined with her husband's ingenuity make for a fabulous shopping experience! The vignettes in their store were truly amazing. I chatted with them forever about their store and the special way that they help out the community. I'll get more details on that and share that with you in the future!

This wraps up my adventures in Buffalo. Here are the places I made it to on my last trip:

The amazing part is that these are only a smattering of the shops there. Next time, I'll have to plan for spending more of my day there so that I can visit the rest! See the full list of Buffalo shops at:

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