Saturday, May 19, 2012

Junkologie Adventure: Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, MN

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Are you ready for the summer junk season? Garage sales, flea markets, occasional sales, auctions, and estate sales abound! Thought you might enjoy these photos taken at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, MN. Their April sale was excellent as always. 

Not a lot of chatter today...mostly photos. Why? For junk like this, it's all about the photos, baby! 

That chair above? It's not a normal size chair. That coat rack is a long, vintage ski...probably 6 feet, which means the chair is probably 7 feet tall by 6 feet wide. Yes, massive! Wouldn't that be a fun conversation starter at your poolside or lakeside retreat?

See my previous trip to Second Hand Rose.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Junkologie Adventures: Found Salvage, Rockford, MN

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Are you ready for some more junk adventures?

You might have seen my recent post about Found Salvage in Rockford, MN. Rockford is just down the road from of the infamous occasional sale hubs of Minnesota. It's worth the short drive from Buffalo to Rockford to check out Angela's amazing finds.

Angela is the creative guru behind Found Salvage's urban chic collection of vintage and junk items. Seriously. This girl creates high end style with her eclectic mix of finds.

Can you see why I love her store and style?

Visit Angela on the Found Salvage Facebook page. Tell her Amy sent you! :)

More Junkologie Adventures coming up!
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Junkologie Adventures: Flour Sack Antiques in Pequot Lakes, MN

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A couple weekends ago, we went on a bit of an adventure. The main purpose was not junk-related, but we were able to sneak in a stop at a place we hadn't been before:

Flour Sack Antiques
State Highway 371
Pequot Lakes, MN

Here are some unique items that caught my eye...

Have any of you been to Flour Sack Antiques in Pequot, MN? Or maybe you've been to other stores in the area. Any recommendations for those traveling in Northern Minnesota? Please do tell...