Body. Mind. Junk. Spirit.

(1) To promote environmental sustainability through use of vintage and antique items.
(2) To inspire personal growth through creative junking endeavors.

(1) Decrease landfill waste by rescuing and repurposing antique and vintage items.
(2) Increase the quality of life among those who express themselves through junking.

"Life is not about discovering yourself. It is about creating yourself." Each of us has the inherent power to actively create ourselves and impact those around us. We at Junkologie value personal choice, freedom of expression, and diverse individuality while acting with a sense of social responsibility as what we do exponentially affects other people.

We believe that the sport of junking positively contributes to the social, physical, emotional, career, intellectual, environmental, and spiritual health of its participants. Being "healthy" does not mean following someone else's rules...it is about knowing yourself and being the best you that you can and want to be. This is what junking is all about.

Junkologie was founded in Fall 2008 with the goal of combining a love of vintage things with a passion for personal growth and healthy living.