iJunk Spotlight

Pin It Welcome to the iJunk Spotlight! 

What is the iJunk Spotlight?
The iJunk Spotlight is a feature series about junkers around the globe. Junkers are a community...a family. Through these features, I hope that we are able to meet new junkers, find out about new events, and connect with great sources of junking inspiration.

Interested in being featured in the iJunk Spotlight?
Just add yourself to the Junkologie Blogroll.

What do I do if I get spotlighted?
When you receive an email to be part of the iJunk Spotlight, you will be asked to answer a few questions, collect quality photos, put it all together in a post, and send the html to me.

After you've sent the html, it will take some time to finalize the formatting and prepare it for publishing. You will be informed when the post will go up and will be provided a link to this page so that you can use the images below to let others know about your iJunk Spotlight.

How can I let people know I've been featured in the iJunk Spotlight?
The two images below are for exclusive use by blogs that have been featured in the iJunk Spotlight.

Image 1: iJunk Spotlight Post Banner...
Use this image in a post to tell others that you are being spotlighted here at Junkologie. Link to the specific post in which you were featured. You can use the html provided or you can copy the image itself.

Image 2: iJunk Spotlight Blog Button
Add this to your sidebar to let others know you've been spotlighted. You can use the html provided or copy the image itself.

Please email us at alvn.mail@gmail.com if you have any questions.